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Updated: Feb 20, 2020

We set up Tech North East to shine a light on the thriving digital tech sector that is growing across the region. However, most of the internal and external commentary that is published about our digital tech sector is still limited to giving examples of a handful of companies, often the same companies, that are located within a couple of miles of Newcastle city centre.

Granted Newcastle has a higher density of digital tech companies, but if we only focus on Newcastle this doesn’t portray our region as well as we might. We have a much richer and more diverse digital tech sector, and a lot more to shout about, when we add companies outside of Newcastle to the story.

So, in order to help people understand the real strength and depth of the North East's Digital Tech Sector we've extracted a number of easy to consume lists of Digital Tech/Product companies by geographic areas of the region, i.e. Durham & Darlington, North Tyneside, Gateshead, Sunderland & South Tyneside, Teesside, Newcastle (Established Companies), Newcastle (Emerging Companies), Newcastle (Fledgling Companies) and Newcastle (Digital Service Companies).

More information on Digital Service companies, Service Providers, Worspaces, Knowledge Partners, Workforce Partners and Ecosystem Partners can be found on Tech North East, our growing database of the regions digital tech ecosystem.

These lists are limited to groups of 10, they aren't in any order of importance and are by no means exhaustive as more digital tech companies exist across the region.

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Durham & Darlington

  1. Atom Bank – financial services, tipped to be the UK’s next £1bn unicorn

  2. Indigo – global Warehouse Management Solutions

  3. SaleCycle – sales conversions, recovery and customer loyalty

  4. Darlington Building Society – financial services

  5. Shine Interview – video interviewing and pre-hire screening

  6. Honcho – motoring insurance reverse auction platform

  7. Inflo – financial data analytics platform

  8. Paid – financial services, faster invoice payment platform

  9. Workcast – online event and seminar platform

  10. Leighton – HR solution and digital consultancy

North Tyneside

  1. Accenture – global AI solutions and system integrator

  2. Perfect Image – business applications and intelligence

  3. DXC – global analytics and system integrator

  4. Elisian Software – digital solutions for the oil and gas sector

  5. Newcastle Strategic Solutions – financial services, UK’s leading saving management platform

  6. Forfusion – digital transformation and digital workplace

  7. Silverlink Software – healthcare solutions

  8. Notify – health and safety platform

  9. Thinksmart – class scheduling and customer management platform

  10. Neutron VR – 3D virtual reality for games, retail and enterprise


  1. Kerridge Commercial Systems – global business management solutions

  2. Atomhawk – digital entertainment

  3. Sub10 – immersive digital learning platform

  4. ReciteMe – accessibility software

  5. Wordnerds – data science/sentiment insight platform

  6. Hammerhead VR – immersive content platform

  7. Pocket Money Games – digital entertainment products

  8. Fair Custodian – digital compliance platform

  9. Equiwatt – energy savings platform

  10. Secret Sauce – digital consultancy and events management

Sunderland & South Tyneside

  1. Tombola – digital entertainment solutions

  2. Saggezza – digital transformation solutions

  3. Coatsink – digital entertainment solutions

  4. StreamGo – enterprise live event streaming

  5. SR1 Development – business management solutions and consultancy

  6. Nine Software – mobile software development and services

  7. Tungl – tech talent assessment platform

  8. Geek Talent – skills and salary insights platform

  9. Mesma (InsightQ) -  quality assurance platform for the education sector

  10. Glass Frog – digital marketing and digital media solutions

Teesside (Established Companies)

  1. Visualsoft – ecommerce and affiliate marketing platform

  2. Cubic – transportation solutions platform

  3. Sapere – data warehousing and business intelligence

  4. Vianet – data insights/Internet of Things solutions

  5. Iris – business management solutions

  6. TUI Group – travel/tourism platform

  7. Kraken IM – data management and intelligence solutions

  8. Double Eleven – digital entertainment products

  9. Animmersion – virtual reality, augmented reality and holographic solutions

  10. Spearhead Interactive – data and process visualisation solutions

Teesside (Emerging Companies)

  1. Amplience – content management platform

  2. SalesFire – digital sales optimisation products

  3. Clicksco – data and AI customer behaviour intent solution

  4. Appamondo – digital help desk services

  5. Skignz – augmented reality applications

  6. Hexopay – financial services, card payment gateway

  7. Big Nasty Studios – digital entertainment products

  8. Big Bite – custom digital solutions for enterprise organisations

  9. Sock Monkey – digital entertainment products

  10. Calm Digital – web and mobile application development

Newcastle (Established Companies)

  1. Sage – FTSE100, business management solutions

  2. Newcastle Building Society – financial services

  3. Virgin Money – financial services

  4. Partnerize – partner automation platform

  5. Zerolight – 3D visualisation platform for sales and marketing

  6. NBS – digital construction solutions

  7. Orchard Information Systems – intelligent housing solutions

  8. Bede Gaming – digital entertainment solutions

  9. Turnitin – global quality assessment solutions for education

  10. Nomad Digital – digital connectivity solutions for transport

Newcastle (Emerging Companies)

  1. True Potential – financial services, investment management platform

  2. SoPost – product sampling platform

  3. Who Can Fix My Car – motor vehicle scheduling and booking platform

  4. JHC – financial services, investment management solutions

  5. Viewpoint – construction/project management solutions

  6. VEO – collaborative learning solution

  7. Hive HR – employee engagement platform

  8. Elastic Path (Moltin) – commerce service platform

  9. Cievert – healthcare/data science solutions

  10. Leaf Grow – social marketing platform

Newcastle (Fledgling Companies)

  1. Bio Signatures – healthcare, clinical monitoring platform

  2. Caspian – financial services, anti money laundering platform

  3. Kani Payments – financial services, reporting and reconciliation platform

  4. Ricochet - digital sales pipeline optimisation

  5. One Utility Bill – consolidation of household bills

  6. Flex-e-Card – gift card operations platform

  7. Proxismart – consumer facing Internet of Things solutions

  8. Impulse Pay – financial services, pay using mobile service

  9. Donr – tech for good, donation funding platform

  10. Refract – sales team insights and analytics platform

Newcastle (Digital Service Companies)

  1. Orangebus – experience design and digital services

  2. Opencast - financial services/enterprise digital transformation services

  3. Scott Logic – financial services, digital solutions

  4. Nebula Labs – application and platform development

  5. Hedgehog Lab – design, build and launch digital products

  6. TH_NK – digital transformation services

  7. JUMP – digital marketing agency

  8. Unwritten – digital communications services

  9. ZYNC – business management software integration specialists

  10. Flow – web development and marketing agency

If you feel we've missed anyone then let us know and we'll get them added to the Tech North East platform if they're not there already. Also, if you want to know anything about the North East's digital tech sector that you can't find yourself on Tech North East or anywhere else, drop us a line at contact@technortheast.co.uk and we'll try and answer your question or point you in the right direction.

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